Dr. Mary M.Shaw
Peace of Jesus Ministries
Isaiah 61:1-3

Dr. Shaw's Teaching Topics


Praying for Inner Healing & Deliverance: A Seminar for Clergy, Leaders, & Those in Parish Ministry

Healing Hearts for Mothers

Healing of Hearts for Couples

Beauty and Dignity of a Woman: Healing Hearts

Healing Hearts for Clergy & Religious

How to pray for Healing

 A Day of Healing for Families

 Retreats for Women

 Life in the Spirit Seminars

 Holy Spirit Workshop (relationship to Baptism; Confirmation), etc.

Teaching & Ministry:

Healing for Loss of Children Never Born (Miscarriage, abortion, still birth, infertility).

 Healing Conception to Birth

Healing Prayer :

 Forgiveness Key to Healing & Holiness

 Inner Healing

 Judgments, Bitter Roots, Lies & Vows

Soul Ties and other Unholy Binding

 Occult: Major Blocks to Healing

Dangers of the New Age

 Miscarriage & Abortion

 Conception to Birth Prayer

 Ministering Christ’s Love to those with Traumas and Hurts

 Identity In Christ

Spiritual Orphans

 Praying for Others

How to Pray Blessings

 Intercessory Prayer

Basic Prayer Ministry to Children

 Spiritual Orphans: Mother & Father Wounds

 Praying for Families & Generations

 Deliverance Prayer

Discernment of Spirits in Healing Prayer

and More.

 Holy Spirit Teachings:

New Life in the Holy Spirit

 Holy Spirit: Agent of Healing

 Encountering Christ in a Personal Way

 Baptism in the Spirit

 Gifts & Charisms of the Spirit

Holy Spirit: Agent of Evangelism

 Growing in the Holy Spirit

 Other Topics:

Divine Mercy

 Standing Firm in a Culture of Death

The Truth Will Set You Free

 What is in a Name

 Discernment in Prayer


 Spe Salvi

New Evangelization

 Mary Our Model in Suffering

 Redemptive Suffering

 Listening to God

 Intercessory Prayer

 Praying with Others

 Maturity in Christ

 Temptation and Sin

 Women of God

 Holiness, Growth, and Transformation

 Christ our Hope

 Living in the Light of Christ

 Destiny and Purpose

 Mission of the Redeemer

 Striving to be Loved

 Purity and Commitment

 Purity and Power in the Church

 The Judgment Trap

 I am the Light of the World

 Fear of the Lord

 Precious Blood of Jesus

 Lean Not on Your Own Understanding

Do Not Fear

 Follow Me

 Call to Witness and Evangelization

 No Compromise

 Servant Leadership, and more.