Dr. Mary M.Shaw
Peace of Jesus Ministries
Isaiah 61:1-3
   Dr. Mary M. Shaw

       Dr. Shaw has been serving in the healing ministry since 1996, bringing the Lord's comfort and healing to the broken-hearted and freedom to those in captivity (Is. 61:1). She received her doctorate in Nursing from the University of Florida and has been involved in healing all her adult life.

Dr. Shaw received extensive training in ministry at the International Catholic Program for Evangelization (ICPE), Pastoral Counseling Program in Germany, Neil Lozano (Unbound), Christian Healing Ministries, Amazing Love Healing Ministries, and in the mission field.

     Since 1998, she has served as a short term missionary, team leader, and teacher to Eastern Europe, often with Renewal Ministries. She teaches and ministers extensively

on healing prayer and life in Christ.

      Since 2014, she has been sought to teach Priests, Seminarians, Religious, and Catholic leaders, primarily in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, on inner healing & deliverance prayer. She also serves praying for others for deep inner healing.

    Dr. Shaw is active as a conference speaker, retreat leader, seminar leader, and teacher nationally and internationally. Mary is a certified Spiritual Director (2012) through The Cenacle of Our Lady of Divine Providence School of Spirituality in affiliation with Franciscan University.

From 2007-2018, Mary was a full member of the Marian Servants of the Blessed Sacrament. She currently serves on the Diocesan Charismatic Leadership Group. She was appointed to the All Florida Catholic Charismatic Commission (AFCCC). She serves as a
Pastoral Leader to the People of Praise Prayer Group in Gainesville, Fl. and as Director of Healing Ministry at her home parish.

Much of her teaching and ministry focuses on various aspects of healing, deliverance, generational bondage, healing from miscarriage and abortion, and walking with the Lord. She works to bring the healing love of Christ to His people that they may be saved and equipped to bring the truth of the Gospel to others.

     Dr. Shaw served to develop and implement the Marian Servants of the Blessed Sacrament Catholic School of Healing Prayer. She has served as a teacher for this school since the first one was held in 2011.

 Dr. Shaw is available to do missions, workshops, or prayer ministry at your Parish or for your Christian group. Please contact her at the email address below.

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